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Bold & Colorful Art by Annette Ragone Hall
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Artist Statement & Biography
Artist Statement Nature inspires the colorful images I create. I strive to capture the majesty of the sky, earth, and water with paint and canvas. Bold colors are the hallmark of my work. Most of my imagery comes purely from my imagination. I usually start my abstract paintings with a color idea, building the image intuitively as color, shape, texture, and in some cases, multimedia objects, are applied. One of my goals in creating a piece of art is to grab and hold the viewer’s eye, drawing the person deeper into the painting to discover the myriad treasures there. I know I have created a successful painting when it makes me smile. I want my work to make my collectors smile as well. I enjoy hearing what viewers see in my abstract work because each person sees something that no one else does. I want my artwork to enhance my collectors’ emotional life just as they did mine during the creation process. I work primarily in acrylic, but also paint in oil, watercolor, pastel, and mixed media. I accept commissions from those who want a specific color scheme or subject matter that isn't available in an existing piece. My motto: Never give up your dream. Work hard to achieve it. My painting method: I create paintings in a variety of ways. I decide whether it’s going to be abstract or non-abstract. If it’s an abstract, I choose a general color theme and then begin painting spontaneously from my imagination. For paintings with a recognizable subject matter, I may still paint from my imagination, or I might use reference photos if the image needs to be more specific. Occasionally, I paint from life. For my portraits, which need accurately to portray a specific individual, in both likeness and spirit, I take a large number of photographs of my subject using a digital camera. I may also do some studies from life. I then create my composition on the computer using Photoshop and print it out. Using this printout as reference, I draw the image on paper, working out any changes to the composition that I feel are necessary. I transfer the final composition to my painting support and begin painting. Sometimes I dispense with the computer stage and paint using just the photos for reference. Biography Annette was was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in Roanoke, VA. Her desire to create art began very early and was inspired by her mother. When she was six, her mother drew her a quick sketch of a woman’s face and revealed a side of her that Annette had not seen before. She was so inspired by this drawing that she decided she would learn to draw and work as an artist when she grew up. Annette is the oldest of nine children so money was tight for the family when she was young. She had to wait to pursue art training until she was an adult. As a young wife and mother, she worked her way through college, and with the help of a scholarship, graduated with a B.A. in Art. Being a practical type, Annette took business, accounting, and computer courses as electives. She knew she would need the knowledge these classes gave her. After graduation, Annette honed her painting skills primarily using watercolor. She also took computer graphics workshops and classes. After her husband, young daughter, and she moved from Roanoke to the Puget Sound area in Washington State, the grandeur of the water and rugged, snow-capped mountains helped her creativity and imagination expand even further. Her art education continued as she participated in many workshops taught by nationally known artists. Annette began using acrylics in 2003; their versatility took her art to a new level. She started creating imaginative, large-scale works and also experimented with mixed-media works using acrylic, glass, and other elements. She was able to build an impressive body of work over the years despite having to work full time in a non-fine-art-related career. In early 2007, her husband and she moved back to the South, to North Carolina, to be in the land of warmth and sun, and so she could create art full time. Not long after she moved to North Carolina, two Salisbury firefighters were lost in a tragic fire. She painted their portraits as a gift to the fire department. The 30"x 24" portraits were unveiled in March 2009 as part of the memorial service for the two fallen firefighters. A jewelry lover herself, Annette has developed a line of hand-painted jewelry, which she sells on consignment in galleries or to fine boutiques and gift shops on a wholesale basis.  Downloadable PDF: Artist statement, bio, and resume
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Annette Ragone Hall