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Bold & Colorful Art by Annette Ragone Hall
Annette gives permission for non-commercial use on other web sites of the images that appear on this web site provided that the user gives her proper credit and sends her email asking for permission. Credit must include Annette’s name, the title of the image, and a link back to ragone.com.  Annette reserves the right to demand that the user removes an image if she finds that the content on the user’s web site is objectionable to her. By virtue of using any of Annette’s images, the user agrees to these terms.
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All   the   artwork   shown   on   this   site   is   no   longer   available   for   purchase,   only   for   viewing   online.   Annette   is taking   a   long   sabbatical   and   is   traveling   the   country   in   a   motorhome   with   her   husband.   She   took   some   art supplies with her and will be painting only small pieces due to the space constraints in a motorhome. She   sold   many   of   the   pieces   shown   on   this   site   and   donated   ALL   the   rest,   including   all   those   that   were previously   in   her   galleries   to   a   hospital   foundation   so   that   she   would   not   have   to   store   them.   Many people   were   surprised   that   she   was   willing   to   donate   all   that   artwork,   but   Annette   said   storage   is   very expensive, and, “I can always create more art.” Once   Annette   and   her   husband   have   settled   down   again,   she   will   resume   doing   studio   work.   This   is   an exciting   adventure   for   Annette,   an   opportunity   for   exploration   that   she   couldn’t   turn   down.   Her   art galleries wished her well and said to contact them again once her sabbatical was over.
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Annette Ragone Hall